Military Soldier System


N2 Imaging Systems is positioned at the center of integrating night vision into enhanced soldier systems for increased effectiveness in surveillance and operations for both day and night activities for the current and next-generation warfare.

Whether used in mission-critical operations or intelligence gathering, N2 Imaging Systems’ soldier systems have proven themselves for reliability and performance.


Advanced Thermal Sniper Sight
Clip on Thermal Sniper Sight with Wireless LRF Pairing and Ballistic Reticle.

This Sniper sight is a critical enabler, allowing the sniper to detect, observe and engage targets in low light, adverse weather, and limited visibility conditions. It provides interoperability as a clip-on sight, as well as operating as a stand-alone handheld asset. A remote enables the sight to be fully operational while mounted out of reach. The system provides wireless connectivity to the STORM LRF in support of ballistic calculations and reticle correction. An OptoRail™ allows the addition of modular accessories for capabilities such as pre shot threat detection and asynchronous laser spot detection.


Thermally Enhanced Night Vision Goggle
Latest Generation Fused LLL and Thermal Goggle Vision Goggle

The Thermally Enhanced Night Vision Goggle is the latest generation of night vision technology designed for and used by the U.S. Army. This monocular night vision goggle includes a GEN III night vision tube fused with imagery from a 60 Hz 640x480 resolution uncooled long wave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera. The goggle improves situational awareness as well as target and threat detection and identification with the use of a high performance thermal imager which also supports operation through obscurant smoke and in complete darkness.


Weapons Sight

Detect, observe and engage targets in limited visibility conditions

Night Vision Goggle

Target and threat detection & identification