Leading the industry in EO/IR Solutions for Defense Imaging

N2 Imaging systems is relentless in our pursuit to provide superior Electro Optic, Infrared and Thermal imaging systems. We have over 20 years of expertise in mobile, weapon-mount, wearable and soldier carry devices designed to give soldiers and sailors a superior visual advantage. Our products are deployed in over 23 different US Military programs and we continue to be the industry leader in innovative low light, infrared and thermal advancements to increase situational awareness and response.

Whether your troops rely on night vision, weapon sights or soldier systems, N2 products provide actionable imaging support for surveillance, mission-critical operations, observation and reconnaissance at sea, in the air or on the ground. 

Our continual innovation process and extensive in-house capabilities ensures that each generation of imaging devices will be state of the art, from LWIR and SWIR sensors to ENVGs and from thermal weapon sights to airborne video cameras. We control 95% of the manufacturing process, which enables us to quickly prototype and integrate innovative new solutions for the next generation of defense products. Contact us with your requirements and we'll offer a state of the art solution.