Sub-System Development

N2 Imaging has grown from about a dozen engineers to nearly 100 employees on the consistancy of quality delivered on exacting military contracts. With that growth, our capabilities have expanded to cover all aspects of camera and imaging system design.

Engineering and Design

At the forefront of imaging and sensor system design N2 invests in the latest design tools and encourages cross-cooperation among our engineering teams to develop innovations that meet system level requirements.

ELECTRONICS DESIGN - From the start, we have packaged system architecture, image processing, and hardware development into solutions that allow our cameras to be embedded into any electronic or mechanical specification. 

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING - N2 mechanical innovation goes beyond air- tight,  water-proof, shock-resistant packaging to application-specific methods of focus  adjustment, motor drive, and mounting solutions. 

OPTICAL DESIGN - Our optical team uses Zemax© software for optical calculations, design of optical elements and systems, tolerance analysis, and  strategies for alignment and adjustment.  

SOFTWARE AND FIRMWARE DESIGN - N2 uses the most exacting of signal processing methods to render powerful infrared imagery in a number of analog and  digital formats (RS170, CameraLink, HDMI, and custom interfaces).    

Manufacture and Testing

High performance, system robustness, and system reliability are all addressed in the design process with attention to Design for Manufacture and Assembly to  assure delivery of high quality equipment and systems. The capabilities of our manufacturing, assembly, and test facilities include

  • Ultra-high precision machining capabilities
  • Full suite of injection molding and mold design
  • Class-1K/100K clean rooms for microelectronic packaging and optical assembly
  • Rapid prototyping capability and latest 3D printing technology
  • Low cost automated production & test 
  • High volume imaging module production
  • In-house environmental qualification and reliability test
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified  

Uncooled Infrared Design and Development Center

  •  Integrated low power soldier systems
  •  Low power uncooled IR imaging modules
  •  Digitally fused imaging modules

Manufacturing Facility, Staff, and Equipment

  • Low cost automated production & test
  • Rapid prototyping and QRC capability
  • High volume IR module production in place
  • In house qualification and reliability test
  • Secret cleared facility, ISO 9001 certified  

Vertically Integrated Design Team

  • Electrical engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Image processing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Precision opto-mechanical machining center
  • Low cost military detector / device packaging
  • IR sensor-optics / system engineering
Weapons Sight

Detect, observe and engage targets in limited visibility conditions

Night Vision Goggle

Target and threat detection & identification