Whether used in mission-critical operations or intelligence gathering, N2 Imaging Systems’ complete soldier systems and camera cores have proven themselves for reliability and performance. N2 delivers the highest quality cameras and camera cores in the infrared market, specializing in the following areas:

Soldier Systems

N2 Imaging Systems has positioned itself at the center of the effort of integrating night vision into enhanced systems for increased effectiveness in surveillance and operations for both day and night activities for the current and next- generation warfare.

Camera Cores

N2 offers standardized or custom-designed Camera Cores for inclusion into our customers surveillance and observation systems.  Our cameras have been incorporated into Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Military Vehicles Handheld Target Acquisition Systems Tracking and Guidance Systems

Commercial Cameras

With a foundation in military camera design, N2 Imaging Systems recent release of a commercial camera, the Patriot, releases our standard of quality to commercial systems.  OEM customers may use a complete camera system with a selection of lens option, or integrate the Patriot core into their own imaging hardware.

Advanced Systems

In addition to production of current equipment and design of the next generation of night vision systems, N2 plays a key role in developing emerging technologies, coordinating on projects with civilian and military partners.  From optoelectronic device packaging to integrated multi-sensor systems, these projects rely on our expertise in signal processing as well as optical, electrical, and mechanical engineering.
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