Helmet Mounted

N2 Imaging helmet mounted night vision goggle is light weight, low power, and compact. The systems includes goggle with eyecup, lens cover, laser interference filter, sacrificial window, and lanyard, as well as adjustable helmet mounts assembly, positioning assembly and battery pack. Fully adjustable, our helmet systems can be positioned over the soldier’s dominant eye. The versatile night vision goggle has intuitive controls and can be used either helmet mounted or handheld.    

Our systems are designed for the standard issue ballistic and tactical helmets sizes small through extra large:

  • Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH)
  • Lightweight Advanced Combat
  • Advanced Combat Helmet Gen II
  • Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH)
  • Integrated Head Protection System (IHPS)



Thermally Enhanced Night Vision Goggle
Latest Generation Fused LLL and Thermal Goggle Vision Goggle

The Thermally Enhanced Night Vision Goggle is the latest generation of night vision technology designed for and used by the U.S. Army. This monocular night vision goggle includes a GEN III night vision tube fused with imagery from a 60 Hz 640x480 resolution uncooled long wave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera. The goggle improves Situational Awareness as well as Target and Threat Detection and Identification with the use of a high performance thermal imager which also supports operation through obscurant smoke and in complete darkness.